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Heather Rader | Aspiriant Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Ask for the Money, with Heather Rader


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Heather Rader. Heather almost fell out of her chair one night when she was out with a friend and she found out what he was making. The friend, who was also a coworker on their sales team, was telling Heather about how he and his wife were about to buy a new house. This caused Heather to ask her colleague about his compensation. She learned he was earning almost double of what she was. This was a big shock because Heather was consistently the top salesperson in the organization. Heather shares what actions the conversation triggered her to take for herself and other high performing women on her team.

As founder of a 100% woman-owned winery in the famed Napa Valley, Heather is all about making beautiful wine that empowers authentic community, connection, and inspirational travel experiences while giving back. In that spirit, her winery Spirit Horse Vineyards helps support a rescue horse ranch in Napa, where they support a leadership program for foster children to help the next generation THRIVE.

Offering unique access at the highest levels of tennis and wine, Heather has created luxury travel experiences for world-class individuals and corporations at the top of their game through her company Tennis & Vine. She has led groups to the storied courts of Wimbledon, where her father-in-law played Rod Laver in the ’62 finals, as well as the sizzling Italian Open, which he won 3 times. Prior to her career in luxury wine and travel, Heather garnered 25+ years of experience in digital marketing and sales for multiple Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, including the National Football League.

Heather is passionate about food, wine, tennis and travel, and using them as a catalyst for inspiration and connection.

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