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Greg Menefee | Aspiriant Podcast | Money Tales | Wealth Management
Money Tales

Ping Ponging Money Conversations, with Greg Menefee


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Greg Menefee. When he was growing up, Greg’s perception was that his family was just as well-off as any other. Greg was an avid skier and one year his dad promised him a new pair of $300 skis for the upcoming season. As that season drew closer, the skis never materialized. Greg ultimately mustered the courage to ask his mom about them. It was in that moment that his childhood perceptions crumbled, and Greg learned that his family didn’t have $300 to spare for the skis. As Greg tells us, the skis didn’t really matter to him, but the situation created a money conflict between his mother and father that became a recurring theme. This shaped Greg’s approach to money, making him more risk-averse and changing how he discusses financial matters.

Greg Menefee serves as the Senior Vice President of Relationship Management at Orion Advisor Tech. In this role, Greg is the champion of the phrase “Elevate Everything” with his team of consultants who are dedicated to helping advisors maximize their Orion experience and accelerate their firm’s growth goals and potential. A self-proclaimed CX fanatic, Greg brings over two decades of expertise in helping advisors think differently about creating incredible client experiences for their clients.  Greg began his career in 1998 with Fidelity Investments, and most recently built and led the Institutional Consulting teams at TD Ameritrade Institutional.

When not working with advisors or reading up on the latest books about client experience, you can find Greg and his wife, Summer on mountain bikes with their kids in the Mountain Biking Capital of the world, Bentonville, AR.

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