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Money Tales

It’ll Work Out, with Fran Maier


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Fran Maier. From her first start-up,, to her latest and fifth start-up, BabyQuip, Fran is a passionate entrepreneur whose mantra is, “It’ll all work out”. Fran’s motto was put to the test during the pandemic. On March 6, 2020 she presented BabyQuip, a baby gear rental business dependent on people’s travel, to the sharks on Shark Tank. Days later, the pandemic became a reality and the economy closed. Don’t worry. It all works out. Being a savvy businesswoman, Fran and her partners took the necessary steps for the company to survive and now thrive as life gets back to normal.

Fran is a highly successful serial entrepreneur, investor, and fundraiser with an impressive track record of launching and scaling five profitable business ventures, such as and TRUSTe (now @TrustArc). Throughout her career, Fran has pioneered game-changing solutions that have disrupted industries, built trusted brands, and driven growth and valuation.

Currently, as the founder and CEO of BabyQuip, the leading global baby gear rental marketplace, Fran has taken the company’s reach to over 1,200 markets worldwide. Her leadership has also resulted in the recruitment of thousands of gig economy entrepreneurs to provide services, as well as valuable partnerships with brands such as VRBO, Wyndham, Destination Hotels by Hyatt and Guesty.

Fran’s impressive set of skills include change management, business expansion, brand and product development, government relations, and international outreach. She has also demonstrated her dedication to giving back to the community as a commercial and non-profit board member for organizations such as GE Capital Bank, Children’s Council of San Francisco, Stanford Women on Boards, and Girls in Tech. Moreover, Fran is an advisor to several startups, including Portfolia, Women’s Start-up Lab, and Kango.

As a thought leader in entrepreneurship, women in business, and family travel, Fran is a sought-after keynote speaker and media personality. She has been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC and ABC’s Shark Tank, and has hosted a popular radio show. Fran also regularly appears as a guest on podcasts and contributes articles to publications such as The Washington Post.

Fran holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University and has been recognized with numerous honors and awards. She is passionate about supporting female founders and promoting Latinx leadership and Latina entrepreneurs, in honor of her Hispanic heritage. Fran is a proud mother of two grown sons and now lives in Santa Fe, NM, after spending most of her career in San Francisco.

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