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Emily Brower | Aspiriant Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Take a Chance on Yourself, with Emily Brower


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Emily Brower. Growing up, Emily always wanted to fit in. She perceived herself as shy, with an awkward haircut, and clothes that never fit just right. Emily thought her value was in her weight. If she could just be skinny, she told herself, then people would see all she had to offer.

As an adult, Emily married, became the mother of two children, and stopped teaching school because the income didn’t pencil out against the cost of childcare. She and her husband were financially comfortable. Emily says that was holding them back. She wanted more. Emily wanted to get creative, generate wealth, and help other women lose weight and keep it off without feeling guilty for spending time and energy on themselves. All of that involved taking a courageous money leap.

Today, Emily is founder of Emily Brower Life Coaching. She is also the creator of Ditch the Diet and host of Table for Two podcast. Emily helps women through private consultations and group coaching to set goals and achieve them, while becoming proud of who they are.

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