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Ella Chase Hyland | Money Tales Podcast Guest
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Let’s Go Do Some Living Before We Do Some Dying, with Ella Chase Hyland


Ella Chase Hyland is a 6th generation inheritor, who can trace her roots back to the Mayflower. She also happens to be super competitive. Ella learned to ski at age two, started racing at age five and ultimately, became a nationally ranked downhill skier. Her dad was her coach, and unfortunately, experienced a debilitating skiing accident, where he became paralyzed from the neck down. This proved to be an important lesson for Ella about what money cannot buy and inspired her to live by the mantra, “Let’s go do some living before we do some dying.”

Ella is the co-founder of Wellth Works. And, as a multi-generational asset recipient from a hundred-plus-year family who has seen the burdens and blessing of complex, multi-generational preparation and transfer. Ella is a dynamic and innovative speaker, facilitator, and mentor. She is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, and organizational turnaround. Wellth Works is a leading provider of coaching and consulting for emerging female family leaders as well as women creating their own wealth as they navigate male-dominated industries.

Ella is a certified CTI professional coach, and is a Northeastern University alumnus, having graduated summa cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees. You can find Ella traveling the globe, exploring new cultures and adventures, especially those that involve being in, or on, water.

Our conversation with Ella inspired the financial insight at the end of the podcast, where we discuss how to financially plan for the potential of an unexpected disability.

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