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Michele Mikeska Jaffe | Aspiriant Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Money is a Power Tool, with Michele Mikeska Jaffe, PhD


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Dr. Michele Mikeska Jaffe. Michele comes from a family of hard workers. Hard work was a sacrifice that you did for others, money was the fruit of that work and displaying wealth was taboo. These messages stuck with Michele through her early adulthood. When she was in her late twenties Michele discovered that she could actually enjoy the money she was making. This ah-hah resulted from her love of travel. She realized at that time that her income afforded her the ability to explore the world. Michele became comfortable using money for things that could be deemed frivolous or luxurious but, to her, were highly enjoyable. At that same time, she says this pivot felt almost like a betrayal to her family. She went to Greece anyway and had wonderful vacation. It was this individuation that caused her to form her own perspectives about money.

Michele specializes in supporting individuals, couples, and business families with the impact of wealth on their identity and relationships. After years of working as entrepreneur and a design director in innovation consulting, the extensive experience Michele gained in creative, conceptual solutions and strategic engagement is now informing her work as a relationship and wealth psychologist.

Michele’s doctoral research brought her in touch with the core issues that affect financially diverse marriages and family systems. She is the Executive Director of The Family Business Network – USA, a peer-to-peer member association spanning 65 countries that brings together over 4,000 business families. Michele has been a featured speaker and content creator, as well as featured in peer-reviewed journals.

On a personal note, Michele is a yoga, music, and nature lover. She’s a fierce proponent of good food, good design, and good company. She’s pretty competitive in a family card game and loves an interior design magazine. Michele lives with her husband and two daughters in Berkeley, CA. Her website is

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