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Money Tales

Don’t Let the Money Rot – Enjoy it!, with Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney. Jamie is someone who has been talking about money her whole life. It started with her parents, who continually emphasized the need and modeled the importance of discussing and learning about the value of money, how to use it and the importance of saving it. This developed Jamie’s fascination with money, which led her to become a wealth psychologist.

Jamie specializes in the emotional impact of wealth on inheritors, women and couples. She has revolutionized the conversation of wealth and worth by providing an opportunity to openly discuss the roles money plays in her clients’ lives, enabling them to be passionately engaged in the world and to lead a rich life.

She works with multi-generational families, helping them to concretize their values, develop a vision for their future and create sound governance structures. Jamie earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and her doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

Jamie’s personal experience as a second-generation owner of a family business and board member of her family foundation, combined with her theoretical and practical expertise in wealth psychology, has given her a unique sensitivity to issues surrounding the inter-generational family dynamics of affluence.

Jamie is an engaging speaker whose presentations are insightful and inspiring. She has been featured in major media outlets such as: WSJ, BBC, Bloomberg Business Week and Town & Country Magazine. Based on research done with 4th generation family enterprises, she co-authored, Social Impact in 100-Year Family Businesses: How Family Values Drive Sustainability through Philanthropy, Impact Investing, and CSR as well as part of Borrowed From Your Grandchildren. Jamie is currently researching Financially Diverse couples, a topic that while becoming increasingly common, has yet to be clinically studied.

Jamie has the distinction of being the first psychologist ever to be hired as an employee of a bank, to work with their clients. She worked as a Family Wealth Consultant for Wells Fargo’s Family Wealth Group (now Abbot Downing), a multi-family office platform that serves families with $50 million and above in investable assets.

Jamie has been married for over 25 years and has two children. She believes strongly in giving back to her community, and does so by offering pro bono expertise to nonprofit agencies and serving on several community boards.

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