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Money Tales

Money Loves Women, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Dr. Deborah Ekstrom. Early on her career, Deborah didn’t have a lot of extra time. There were tremendous demands on her for the things she needed to learn for medicine. She tells us that like most professional women, when she got married, she supported her spouse through his journey and had children who required her attention and nurturing. It was challenging, and learning about money wasn’t a priority until it became one. At that time, Deborah found it difficult to find information to educate her, but she was determined. As she reflects on those days, she’s come to realize that the more you know about finance, how money works, what the money rules are and what your personal values and ideals are related to money, the better you’ll be at making good money decisions.

Deborah developed her media and training corporation, Money Loves Women, for the purposes of getting more money, power and influence into the hands of women. She believes wealth comes in many forms but attaining financial wealth is the most confounding for women. Forty years of self-study, courses and mentors have resulted in the Money Loves Women Signature Course consisting of the stacks and pillars of wealth building followed by mini-master classes in investing in the areas of stock market value investing, tax deed and tax lien investing, niches in real estate investing, business start-up and business acquisition.

Deborah has a podcast showcasing wise and successful women as role models on her podcast, Money Loves Women which publishes weekly on Wednesdays.

Additionally, Deborah has run her own surgical practice for almost 40 years and learned and advocates for business as one of the most common and achievable paths to wealth. She is the president and founder of Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Massachusetts and has acquired a business together with her two partners in the software service sphere.

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