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Amber Banks, PhD | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

The Transitive Property of Trust, with Amber Banks, PhD


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Dr. Amber Banks. When she was in second grade, Amber switched from a private elementary school to a public one. The private school was predominantly white, and the public school was predominantly black. For Amber, who self-identifies as a black biracial woman, this was a pivotal moment requiring her to navigate two different environments and become a bridge builder between the two. As Amber tells us, it was hard, at times, to feel she was enough in either environment.

Amber is the CEO and Founder of the Center for Trust and Transformation, a collective dedicated to the advancement of trust as a foundational building block for racial equity and social justice. She brings over two decades of experience in education and the social sector as an educator, researcher, facilitator, advisor, entrepreneur, and organizer. Through the Center for Trust and Transformation, Amber’s work rewrites the narrative on trust to better honor our histories and identities and invites clients to build and repair trust in service of joy, justice, and liberation.

Amber completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism at Boston University. She also completed a Ph.D. in Education Leadership, Organizations, and Policy at the University of Washington with a focus on cross-cultural trust, critical race theory, and social network analysis. Amber is a Pahara NextGen Fellow, co-founder of Women of Color in Education, a mom to two beautiful children and a caretaker of many plants. Amber loves to dream of what’s possible when we work together from a place of trust and healing.

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