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Money Tales

Seize Your Midlife, with Bree Schumacher


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Bree Schumacher. Bree is a lifelong entrepreneur who took a $500 loan and turned it into a seven-figure business with over 100 employees, which she ran for 19 years. Bree sold the business in 2020. While she could easily have sold it to a competitor and immediately walked away, Bree went with her heart. She knew selling the precious business to one of her longstanding employees was the right move for the business and to secure her legacy. Bree creatively structured a deal that allowed the employee to buy her out over time. The payout period is nearly up and Bree shares how the scarcity money mindset of her youth is being triggered as the cashflow comes to an end, even though her family is financially secure.

Bree is a mom of three boys, a lover of travel and the host of the Seize Your Midlife Podcast as well as the travel company, Be Somewhere Sunny. Bree is a new investor with an “it’s complicated” relationship with money.

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