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Aubrey Johnson | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Comparative Thinking, with Aubrey Johnson


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Aubrey Johnson. As a young person, Aubrey had insecurities that extended into adulthood. As he tells us he felt greed and craving for acceptance which led to comparative thinking— wondering how he measured up to the next person. This line of thinking was toxic and didn’t allow Aubrey to think for himself. It also played out in his money decisions. Aubrey shares that he often found himself comparing his finances, where he lived and the car he drove to his peers. Meeting his now wife changed Aubrey’s trajectory. He tells us that she helped him learn the importance of thinking for yourself and marching by the beat of your own drum.

Today, among other things, Aubrey is host of the Road to Rediscovery podcast. He believes every person has a story to tell. Some stories serve to entertain, others to teach. Aubrey first conceptualized The Road to Rediscovery to provide a platform for ordinary yet

extraordinary people to share their stories in the hopes of helping others who may be suffering through dark times of their own.

Stories allow people to relate to one another and the act of sharing these words, thoughts and ideas is a gift. Aubrey feels it’s an honor to be alongside his guests as they tap into incredible wells of inner strength to share their stories with others.

Above all, Aubrey wants his listeners and guests to know they’re not alone. By walking this road together, we are all stronger.

Aubrey is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently lives in North Dallas, Texas.

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