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Arielle Nobile | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Love and Money, with Arielle Nobile


In this episode of Money Tales, we speak with Arielle Nobile. Love is a common thread in the money stories Arielle shares with us. She talks about how money has been used in her family to express love – sometimes with strings attached and sometimes without restriction. Arielle also talks about how she and her husband, both of whom are artists dealing with money stigmas of that profession, have deeply explored their relationship with money in the context of their loving relationship with each other.

Arielle is a documentary film maker, who is usually the one asking all the questions. She is the CEO of Legacy Connections  , which was founded in 2005. Arielle’s company produces documentary films for High Net Worth families to reflect on their history, truths, shared values and vision for the future. Her clients tend to be interested in both their family history and the impact that it has on their lives and future generations. While most of the clients Arielle works with are connected to a family business, she has helped entrepreneurs, financial advisors, doctors, and more connect with the invaluable stories that make up the true legacy of a family beyond their financial wealth.

Arielle received her BFA in Experimental Theatre from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She then studied in an MFA-style year-long directing program at Second City Theatre in Chicago. She taught improv and theatre at Second City and Piven Theatre to adults and children, which makes her uniquely skilled at helping all her subjects relax and be natural on camera.

Arielle is the producer/director of the award-winning documentary series Belonging in the USA: Stories from our Neighbors. The first film in the trilogy, The Story of Michael D. McCarty was a 2019 official selection at the Pan African Film Festival, the largest Black film festival in the US. Check-out Arielle’s related Belonging in the USA podcast. Arielle was named to The Independent Magazine’s List of “10 Filmmakers to Watch” in 2018 for the Belonging in the USA documentary series. In 2012, she won a Hugo Television award for her 6-part public television series, Belonging in Boulder: Unexpected Stories from Your Neighbors.

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