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Amanda Koplin | Money Tales Podcast Guest
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The Gift of Poverty, with Amanda Koplin


Amanda Koplin, LPC, CEO at Koplin Consulting, is a wise 34-year-old who has already experienced some of life’s highest highs and lowest lows. She grew up in poverty and rather than letting that hold her back, she brushed off all the excuses and did something about it. Along the way, she struggled with a serious eating disorder and other challenges that strengthened her drive to make a successful life for herself and to help others wade through their own dark waters.

Amanda is a mental health counselor, entrepreneur and thought leader who creates innovative solutions to fill gaps in the mental healthcare system. In 2016, she sold her first business, a mental health urgent care clinic, to create Koplin Consulting, a nationwide concierge behavioral health treatment team service.

Amanda frequently speaks to trusted advisors such as estate planners, trustees, family business offices and wealth advisors to educate and support them in understanding how addiction, mental illness and eating disorders impact the creation and implementation of estate plans. She is passionate about helping people achieve mental wellness and creating sustainable support systems and solutions which integrate seamlessly into real life.

Amanda is a speaker and a nationally sought-after consultant, who specializes in creating unique treatment plans and recommendations for individuals struggling with psychological concerns such as addictions, eating disorders, lack of motivation and other issues impacting mental wellness. She is particularly adept at involving trusted advisors and family members in order to create the greatest impact.

During our conversation, Amanda shares how she budgeted the small amounts of money she had in college. This inspired today’s financial insight at the end of this podcast, where we discuss how budgeting is a valuable tool for taking control for your personal finances.

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