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Amanda Gibson | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Beginners Mindset, with Amanda Gibson


In this episode of Money Tales our guest is Amanda Gibson. Amanda started adulting when she was twelve years old. As Amanda tells us, she developed a budget and related proposal to move out and pitched it to her parents. It was rejected! Only four years later, she was successful and started an independent life of her own. Reflecting on this years later, Amanda views curiosity as her superpower to imagine a financially secure life of her own at such a young age. Curiosity has served Amanda well throughout her money life.

Today, Amanda works with CEOs and other senior executives to create paths through complexity and chaos. She serves as a strategic partner as well as a Certified Executive Coach, helping ambitious leaders be the leader that they want to be. Her work sits at the intersection of strategy, leadership, innovation, and culture, building on two decades of experience designing and redesigning strategies, roles, programs, processes, and teams across disciplines that include marketing, operations, innovation, R&D, finance, and business development.

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