We use exhaustive data and modeling to help create a steady hand of calm

Aspiriant Investment Management Services and Investing

Integrated tightly with your financial planning specialists is our intellectually voracious investment operation. Our team works tirelessly to analyze markets and develop investment strategies on your behalf. Lucky for you, you won’t see all of this behind-the-scenes detail first-hand. Instead, your over-arching investment experience with us should feel like a steady hand of calm. Here’s more of what you can expect when you invest with Aspiriant.

Aspiriant Investment Philosophy

Long-term, value-oriented approach

The Aspiriant approach to investing is not for people looking to indulge the market’s fits of irrational exuberance. It’s for folks who appreciate data-driven, globally diversified portfolios. We apply our forecasting methodology to a vast universe of conventional and alternative investment opportunities. We anticipate how we believe the market will behave over the next 7-10 years. The goal of this long-term orientation is to reduce queasiness in your returns and increase the odds you’ll nail or exceed your long-term targets.

Risk management, not risk minimization

As a rule, we’re not allergic to risk. Sometimes, risk can be good. The trick is to embrace it at the right moment in the market cycle. Our general attitude is contrarian — we move away from risk when the market’s going up, we move toward it when the market’s going down.

Aggregated investing power

We’re always pushing for new ways to give our clients an advantage. That impulse drives our approach to aggregating client assets and increasing their investment power. Suddenly, a $1 million investment functions like a $1 billion investment. This opens up access to investment opportunities not available to smaller investors and increases our leverage in negotiating lower fund fees on your behalf.

Heavy analytical firepower

Aspiriant balances personalized client service with scale on our clients behalf. The forecasting horsepower we unleash for you we believe is on a par with the country’s largest, most sophisticated institutional investment firms. (Our CIO is a veteran of one of those firms.) We subscribe to the same massive databases they do, then apply our lenses to construct disciplined investment strategies for you.

Your very own team of heavy hitters

You’ll probably find precious few independent investment advisors with an in-house team as large as ours, dedicated exclusively to investment strategy and research. Our team focuses on nothing but studying domestic and global markets on your behalf. Our team is comprised of with strategists, researchers and analysts armed with degrees and decades of in- the-trenches experience, all driven to help client meet their long-term goals.

Of course, all of this information is broad strokes. For those of you who want to get a little — or a lot — more technical, we’re more than happy to dive deeper. You can also check out some of this lively reading material from our investment brain trust.