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What the Pandemic Has Done to Loans

June 17, 2020

Lydia Walz
Lydia Walz

Manager – Wealth Management

Lydia joined Aspiriant in 2018 as an associate in wealth management. She has more than seven years of experience within the financial services industry and serving high-net-worth individuals and families. In addition to her client service responsibilities, Lydia is a member of Aspiriant’s Emerging Wealth taskforce, Rising Generation taskforce and serves as a subject matter expert on debt for the company.

Prior to joining the firm, Lydia worked for a three-person financial planning firm where she wore many hats between investment operations, administration, marketing and financial planning.

Lydia earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle Eastern History and Political Science from Bryn Mawr College and graduated cum laude. She is an annual participant in the Bay Area’s Financial Planning Day and is passionate about financial education in high schools.

After work, Lydia enjoys the Bay Area’s vibrant food scene. She usually has an upcoming reservation at a gourmet restaurant or can be found at her local taqueria. When she’s not chowing down, Lydia enjoys hiking with her husband and two nephews.

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