Planning for Long-Term Care

Planning for Long-Term Care

As the way we receive care later in life is changing, so are our options for how to pay for it. Learn some of the current trends in financing elderly care and when you and your family should start planning. more >

All About the LLCs

Limited liability companies offer several advantages to holding and protecting assets. But they require management and have additional costs. Learn about LLC basics, including the benefits and pitfalls of this special structure. more >
Wealth Transfer: The Emotional Side of Money

The Emotional Side of Money

When crafting a wealth transfer plan, it’s important to know there are two sides of money: the intellectual side and the emotional side. Learn how tackling the emotional aspects first leads to a more satisfying plan for you and future generations. more >
Know what type of FA you're hiring

Know What Type of FA You’re Hiring

The term “financial advisor” can mean many things. For young professionals who are just starting to plan for the long term, it’s important to know the significant differences between an RIA, broker-dealer and robo-advisor. more >

5 Wealth Managers Become Principals

As part of Aspiriant’s goal to remain independently owned and operated, we’re happy to announce that five next-gen wealth managers have been named co-owners of the company. Read their financial tips. more >
Tame estate-planning anxiety with a wealth transfer framework

Setting a Wealth Transfer Framework

Not having a wealth transfer plan is a plan in and of itself. You’re just allowing the government to implement one for you. Learn how a wealth transfer framework helps you plan with intention. more >
Ensure Your Vacation Home Feels Like a Vacation

Estate Planning for Vacation Homes

Your dream vacation home is meant to be a place of fun and tranquility for generations. Don’t let legal issues and family squabbles get in the way. Learn estate planning tips. more >
Aspiriant CEO Rob Francais

Aspiriant CEO Named a Top Angeleno

Our CEO makes the Los Angeles Business Journal’s prestigious list of influential people in L.A., alongside some famous industry innovators and visionaries. more >