Aspiriant CEO Receives Recognition, a leading trade publication, has selected Rob Francais as a finalist for Chief Executive Officer of the Year for his leadership of our firm and contributions to the success of the financial advisory industry. more >
Money Scripts-Aspiriant Wealth Management

Clean Out Your Money Scripts

Money scripts are unconscious beliefs or values you pick up from family, friends and life experiences that drive your attitudes and behaviors. As part of your spring cleaning, get rid of the scripts that aren’t serving you and reorganize your financial future. more >
Appraising a Coin Collection - Aspiriant Wealth Management

Appraising Dad’s Coin Collection

When sorting through a loved one’s estate after they die, be sure to factor in the full value of what they left behind — including sentimental value. One of our wealth managers shares a story about appraising his late father’s coin collection. more >
5 Aspiriant Women Make Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors List

5 Aspiriant Women Make Forbes List

Aspiriant wealth managers are always ready to help our clients through the challenges in their lives. And after a year like no other, Forbes said five women in our firm stood out among the advisory crowd. more >
What’s New in the American Rescue Plan | Aspiriant Wealth Management

What’s New in the Rescue Plan

In addition to providing larger stimulus checks to many people, the American Rescue Plan gives a big boost to families through Recovery Rebate qualifications and tax credits. It also provides further relief for the unemployed and those with discharged student debt. more >