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Market Perspective: The Future for Bonds

Bond investors are generally willing to forego higher returns and expect to receive lower, steadier returns with smaller losses. Over the past year, this expectation has been shattered as bonds endured one of their worst periods in history. more >
Aspiriant-Third Quarter 2022 Insight

Third Quarter 2022 Insight

Frothy markets driven by globalization, easy monetary policies and a wave of capital during the pandemic have shifted to real risks of a recession or stagflation as that capital dries up and the Federal Reserve faces tough choices to tame inflation. more >
Second Quarter 2022 Insight-Aspiriant

Second Quarter 2022 Insight

While today's economic, market and geopolitical environments are fraught with risk, we see opportunity for skilled investors to take the spotlight. Learn about the monetary policy tightrope, the Inflation Spiral, and the benefits of bonds and diversifiers. more >
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First Quarter 2022 Insight

Our Investment, Strategy & Research team explains three potential scenarios for fiscal and monetary policies as the economic landscape begins to shift with the likelihood of rising rates, stickier inflation and reduced risk appetite. more >

Fourth Quarter 2021 Insight

Strong household balance sheets, increased disposable income, and cheap credit are amplifying the purchasing power of many Americans as the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease, fueling rising stock markets and home values — and an overall feeling of increased wealth. more >
Aspiriant Second Quarter 2021 Insight

Second Quarter 2021 Insight

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and Americans start resuming their normal activities, the markets sure are celebrating. Find out which risks to watch out for in a post-COVID world and where your investments should be when the music stops. more >

First Quarter 2021 Insight – Part 1

Asset values, particularly growth stocks, have continued to multiply, and so have the dangers of investing. More than ever, value stocks compute to more durable, less risky returns over the long run. Read about the areas we believe offer attractive opportunities. more >
Market Perspective-Gold-Aspiriant

Market Perspective: Gold

In our latest Market Perspective, Managing Director Marc Castellani details the investment rationale for holding gold in these turbulent times. Learn how gold can make a portfolio more resilient to the widening range of outcomes that may unfold in the years ahead. more >

Value Stocks: Ready to Grow?

As the markets become more detached from economic reality, it appears value stocks may soon have their day in the sun. Find out what catalysts are likely to unlock the value in value stocks in the next couple of years. more >

Third Quarter 2020 Insight

The global pandemic created many uncertainties. Learn how social distancing affects our economy, how day traders impact the markets, and how to plant a diversified portfolio given today’s uncertain conditions. more >

First Quarter 2020 Insight-Part 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the global market landscape. We assess the size of the growing economic hole and the potential ability of government measures to get us over this gap as we wait out this health crisis. more >

Fourth Quarter 2019 Insight

Investing can sometimes feel like driving through winter road conditions. Markets can present dangers equivalent to black ice — slippery and hard to detect. Read why hazardous economic conditions may induce a business-led downturn. more >
Business and Market Cycles

The Market and Business Cycles

Market cycles and business cycles generally run in tandem. But as investors get wary about future economic growth, the magnitude of resulting stock price declines can be relatively severe. To avoid making emotionally based investment decisions, it’s important to understand the dynamics behind market swings. more >
Third Quarter 2019 Insight

Third Quarter 2019 Insight

Like the ocean's rip currents, the financial markets have a similar force of nature. Learn how globalization, along with monetary and fiscal policies, have acted as undercurrents, causing Big Tech companies to dominate the market, and why that could leave investors vulnerable. more >
Second Quarter 2019 Insight-Part 2

Second Quarter 2019 Insight–Part II

The Fed is running out of room to lower interest rates, and the U.S. Treasury may be maxing out the country’s national debt capacity. Understand how the markets react as we approach the limits of monetary and fiscal policy in Part II of our quarterly Insight. more >
Second Quarter 2019 Insight-Part 1

Second Quarter 2019 Insight-Part I

Our economic foundation requires the right mix of financial liquidity and debt capacity to build a sturdy capital base and strong financial markets. In Part 1 of our three-part Second Quarter Insight, we expand on the mounting challenges facing the U.S. economy and markets. more >
1Q2019 Insight-Stitching the seam

First Quarter 2019 Insight

When it comes to stitching the seam between the financial markets and the real economy, our federal government appears to be running out of thread. Read how government fiscal and monetary policies impact asset valuations and economic growth. more >
Investment Management - Diversifiers

The Benefits of Diversifiers

Stocks and bonds have been the primary asset classes used to manage risk in a portfolio. But frequently, they trade in tandem, driving up volatility. Find out how diversifiers can help smooth out returns. more >
Investment Management: Volatility & Risk

Understanding Risk and Volatility

“Volatility” is the buzzword in the financial media these days. But what does it really mean and how does it impact your investments? Aspiriant investment managers explain what volatility is and how to reduce risk in your portfolio. more >
Balancing Speed with Safety

Fourth Quarter 2018 Insight

As you strive to reach your financial goals, you need to be prepared for bumps along the way so you don’t get derailed. Learn how risky IPOs and disappointing corporate earnings signal a prolonged downturn and why we see a return to active portfolio management to achieve better performance. more >

Third Quarter 2018 Insight

Like the advances made by scientists to understand natural disasters, Aspiriant has developed a robust early warning system to anticipate market cycles and prepare investors for volatility. Find out why we believe we're approaching a period of lower market returns. more >

Second Quarter 2018 Insight

Resisting the allure of popular assets and maintaining discipline while investing can be challenging. But all too often, instant popularity ends in prolonged desolation. Learn why at times like these, when stock prices become increasingly irrational, investors must remain steadfast and vigilant. more >
First Quarter 2018 Insight

First Quarter 2018 Insight

Our Investment Strategy & Research team continues its comparison of investing to gambling, both of which combine chance with skill. Learn how to recognize when you have “limited outs” and minimize risk-taking in your portfolio before you “draw dead.” more >

Fourth Quarter 2017 Insight

It may seem like investing is akin to gambling. Although luck certainly plays a role when it comes to investing, we believe skill determines long-term performance. Learn how we interpret what the market “tells” us and what it might mean for investing. more >

Third Quarter 2017 Insight

The U.S. stock market continued to fly high in the third quarter. However, similar to 1999, the current market value of the S&P 500 appears to have far outpaced its fair value. As a result, we believe U.S. equities have become less attractive and are priced to generate low returns going forward. more >
ASpiriant's Investment Strategy

First Quarter 2017 Insight

Like coaches, portfolio managers must have a well-conceived game plan. Aspiriant’s game plan is grounded upon one basic investment concept: return on investment. At a time when we don’t see many good investment opportunities, taking a defensive posture appears to be the best strategy. more >