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2023 Recap: Notable Aspiriant TV Appearances and Interviews

February 2, 2024

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2023 Financial Media Highlights

We’re incredibly proud of our colleagues who are regularly featured in the world’s most authoritative financial media. Whether it’s engaging in discussions on pressing financial topics with industry veterans on CNBC’s Squawk Box or being interviewed by the esteemed Wall Street Journal, we are elated that our colleagues are asked to participate in these reputable platforms. These media opportunities enable us to broaden the reach of our perspectives, expertise and thought leadership to a wider audience. As we reflect on these highlights from 2023, we’re reminded of the collective effort that goes into our team’s success. Stepping into the spotlight isn’t always easy, especially in a collaborative environment like ours. We’re immensely thankful to our colleagues for their thoughtful contributions to the financial industry.

CNBC Squawk Box

Hats off to Chief Client Officer and partner, Sandi Bragar, when she appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box in May and September of 2023. In the May segment, Sandi discussed investment opportunities and how we were looking to allocate portfolios given the market environment at that time. Dave Grecsek, managing director in Investment Strategy & Research and partner, provided Sandi with invaluable assistance before the interview and we’re so grateful for both their thoughtfulness to ensure helpful insights were shared.

In September, Sandi was again interviewed by CNBC Squawk Box where she discussed Aspiriant’s investing strategy, where Aspiriant is looking for opportunities in the market and how we manage client portfolios given the market environment at that time.

Wall Street Journal

In October 2023, the Wall Street Journal interviewed Sandi in an article focused on a new interest rate regime and the market’s winners and losers. And in November, Dave spoke with them to discuss three main beliefs that were driving investors for that month’s stock rally.

CNN Business

In an analysis published by CNN Business in July 2023, Dave spoke with CNN amid recession fears to discuss Aspiriant’s market and economic outlook.

Bloomberg TV, Radio and Online

Sandi was a coveted commentator with Bloomberg in 2023. In February, she was quoted in a Bloomberg digital article discussing the importance of keeping a diversified portfolio and why trying to time the market is often unsuccessful. In March, she appeared on Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia. There she explained why we saw compelling long-term opportunities in non-U.S. equities, hitting on key components of Aspiriant’s investment strategy, how we advise clients during market volatility and opportunities we see in a down market. She joined the show again in June to share Aspiriant’s market outlook and investing strategy.  Later that day, she spoke with Bloomberg Radio on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. She wrapped up the year with a segment in December about the outlook for markets and central bank policy on Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia. Sandi covered our assessment of the markets, how we’re advising clients, what risks we’re watching in the new year and why investors should remain diversified.

Financial Advisor

Chris Murray, practice leader in Tax Services and partner, spoke with Financial Advisor Magazine in August to discuss common tax mistakes we help our clients avoid and the important tax considerations we work into their plans, especially in light of “recent law changes and the sunsetting of many provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) at the end of 2025.”

This past November, Dave spoke with Financial Advisor about growing interest in bonds given the economic climate. In the article, Dave went on to explain, “It is also a good time to revisit longer-term planning assumptions. In a lower inflation world portfolios have more buying power which is a good message to send.”

Business Insider

In a November online article for Business Insider, Sandi was quoted in a personal finance story on cash investing accounts vs. margin investing accounts.

Market Watch

Dave was featured in an August MarketWatch article where they discussed what was driving the stock market and Aspiriant’s market outlook.

Crain Currency

Sandi Bragar engaged with Crain Currency Q&A for a December online article where she discussed the critical aspects of family governance, culture, communication and collaboration as a wealth management firm. This discussion highlighted Aspiriant’s commitment to holistic wealth management.

LifeBlood Podcast

Sandi and Cammie Doder, Aspiriant’s Chief Marketing Officer and partner, were guests on the LifeBlood podcast this past July. The episode was appropriately titled “Your Money Story.” Sandi and Cammie spoke about Aspiriant and what makes us such a special organization, among other topics. Listen or watch the episode and if you like the dynamic between Sandi and Cammie, then you’ll love their Aspiriant podcast, Money Tales.

From all of us behind the scenes at Aspiriant, we want to say, “Kudos!” to Sandi, Dave, Chris and Cammie for representing the Aspiriant team in 2023 and we look forward to many more opportunities to share our insights on managing wealth and investments in 2024.

If you are curious about how our team can help you manage your wealth and investments, here are a few ways you can get in touch with us.

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