Take Charge of Your Financial Journey.

When it comes to building and preserving wealth, women have unique strengths – and challenges. Research shows that family responsibilities, longer lifespans, our socialization with money, brain chemistry and other individual experiences shape the way women approach, manage and invest money.
Wealth Planning for Women by Aspiriant

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Women bring unique strengths to how we approach building and preserving wealth, and we face distinct financial hurdles throughout our lives:

• Family responsibilities: Taking time from work to care for a family member creates income gaps. In fact, the cumulative pay gap for women who take time from their career to care for a parent, spouse or child averages around $1 million.

• Longer lifespan: Women in the U.S. typically live roughly five years longer than men, which means greater need for retirement savings and managing longevity risk (the possibility of outliving one’s savings).

• Increased income demands: As the sole or primary earner in four of 10 U.S. households, women contribute more than ever to the family’s financial well-being.

• Decision-making: Women now control the majority of household investment decisions. The added responsibility for investing often comes later in life for women who made decisions jointly with a spouse or partner or who deferred to their significant other.

With demographic and socio-economic changes, women are increasingly taking on the role of financial decision-maker. Whether or not you planned on serving as the family’s chief investment officer, being in control of your own destiny is a good thing — for yourself and for your family. Women come to the task of investing naturally, with a history of wearing many hats in the household. That’s often associated with a comprehensive and purpose-driven approach to money and a tendency to work with a trusted advisor to fulfill responsibilities and goals.

You may find yourself asking:

• How can I appropriately plan for upcoming life transitions so that I feel confident that my loved ones and I are well taken care of?

• How can I transfer assets to my children and grandchildren in a tax-efficient way?

• How does my investment strategy fit into my holistic wealth and financial plan?

• Can I find an advisor who understands me?

Play up your strengths and overcome challenges by following six steps on your financial journey. It starts with a plan, which is your roadmap, and ends with choosing your team of partners so you can feel empowered, in control and financially secure. The result can be empowering and liberating — enabling you to worry less and enjoy life more.
Wealth Planning for Women by Aspiriant