Our Story
Breaking the wealth management mold.

Los Angeles office telling the Aspiriant story

We’re building Aspiriant methodically, in pursuit of a special vision.
We’re pacing ourselves deliberately, using the same exacting rigor and foresight and creativity we apply for each of our clients.

We were born in 2008, the combination of two great West Coast firms with complementary achievements. Quintile in Los Angeles engineered a strategic vision to attract and retain top talent, using a distributed ownership model that aligns powerfully with client interests. The firm also led the development of the fully integrated family office. Kochis Fitz in San Francisco, more than any other firm, pioneered the financial planning industry in the U.S. The firm also began its broad ownership distribution years earlier to ensure client service continuity as an independent organization. Together as Aspiriant, we set out to offer an aspirational new service experience for individuals and families.

Story of Aspiriant

We innovated because we saw people needed something different and better than the norm. We started with our business structure, where we distributed ownership broadly to our key team members. This secured long-range continuity and a fiery passion to serve clients. We structured our fee-for-service billing relationship with clients and our employee compensation plan to preserve our objectivity and inspire tight-knit teamwork.

Our model has attracted a deep roster of top talent, including a world-class investment team in-house that combines disciplined fundamentals with calculated, opportunistic moves outside the box. In 2010, our vision also inspired Deloitte’s national investment practice to become part of Aspiriant.

We’re not done growing. But we’ll expand only when the time is right, and when it directly benefits our clients. In the meantime, it’s business as usual, combining the energy and idealism of young innovators with the mastery and judgment of grizzled veterans. This is fresh stuff.