Ken Anderson

Founding Partner of Aspiriant

Meet Ken

What do you enjoy most about wealth management?

Meeting with families and helping them achieve their personal goals.

What's the biggest challenge?

Giving personal attention to and handling multiple client requests simultaneously.

What do you love most about being part of Aspiriant?

Gaining the trust and respect of the clients I have the privilege to serve, and their families.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being a founder of a world-class wealth management firm.

What qualities of yours make you best suited to what you do?

Trust, integrity, creativity and a strong work ethic.

What do you love to do outside of work?

Travel the world, enjoy new sights, people, food and wines. Wade through the "flats" of the Bahamas fly-fishing for bone fish.

What was the most influential book you've read and why?

The Bible. It provides a roadmap for my life.

What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

Being married for more than three decades to my wife. Being the father of two college graduates.


Ken has more than 30 years of experience in advising ultra-affluent families, corporate executives and business owners. At Aspiriant he leads a team of professionals who provide clients financial strategies related to taxes, estate planning, investments, insurance and philanthropy. Ken is a member of Aspiriant’s Board of Directors.

Ken was one of the co-founders of Quintile Wealth Management, an integrated wealth management firm established in 2002 in Los Angeles, which merged with Kochis Fitz in 2008 to become Aspiriant. Prior to Quintile, Ken was a Client Service Director in myCFO’s Los Angeles office, where he provided wealth management services and guidance to more than 30 high net-worth families and adult children.

Before joining myCFO, Ken was a tax partner with Arthur Andersen in Southern California, where he established the firm’s Family Wealth Planning and Personal Financial Planning Practices group.

Ken earned a BS degree in Business Administration from Valparaiso University and a JD degree from the Valparaiso University School of Law. He is a Certified Public Accountant, a member of numerous state Bar Associations, and is a past member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Sports Lawyers Association.


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