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As a successful executive, entrepreneur or business owner, your career trajectory has left you with numerous forms of wealth – most of which is represented by the growth of your company. With little time to understand how all the pieces fit together, you face unique wealth management concerns.

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Liquidity events can be transformative, but going through the process of trying to fully capitalize on the opportunities can also be overwhelming.

In addition to continuing to focus on the business, entrepreneurs and executives preparing for a liquidity event must now start thinking about issues such as taxes, estate planning, portfolio diversification and risk management.

You may find yourself asking:

• Are there tax benefits that can be achieved in the pre-transaction, transaction and post-transaction phases?

• What do I want my career to look like after the transaction? Should I retire early and spend as much time as possible traveling and visiting with friends and family, or go on to the next business venture?

• How can I tax-efficiently transfer wealth to my children and grandchildren?

• How should I think about diversifying a large equity position?

• What are my insurance, estate planning and philanthropic needs?

• Who is my team of professional experts?

Is your company going public or IPO’d? Are you selling your business or been have been bought out? As an executive, entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve spent much of your life turning a vision into a thriving business. You may only get one opportunity to turn the equity you’ve created into personal wealth. We’ve identified four actions you can take to help transform your investment of time and energy into personal wealth:

1. Plan early. Think holistically.
2. Build your team of experts.
3. Get smart about taxes.
4. Orchestrate and implement your long-term plan.

You’ve worked hard for years. Now’s the time to maximize your return on all that sweat equity and start living your and your family’s dream.

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