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Aspiriant Launches New Website

July 5, 2023

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Aspiriant Launches New Website in 2023 | Wealth Management

A website is the digital front door to an organization. We view it as an important place to welcome new and existing clients into our Aspiriant family. Our goal is for someone coming to our website to not only learn who we are and what we do – we want them to feel why we love what we do for our clients and our passion for helping clients attain the relief that comes with having context and clarity with their financial decisions.

In 2022 our marketing team was tasked with updating our website to reflect our growth and evolution as a wealth management firm. Additionally, we wanted to increase awareness and understanding of all our service offerings. Importantly, we wanted our people and the brand to come to life, sharing what is so special about Aspiriant. And of course, we want to be a resource for education on investment, wealth planning, and other related topics.

While we kept the great parts of our original branding, with illustrations and intentional white space on the pages to present information and our capabilities without overwhelming our visitors, we added some new features and content to the site.

Welcome In

As with any first impression, our home page shares some key things about Aspiriant, the client experience, our process, and our people. We talk about being loved by the client service team as our goal is to surround our clients with talented, loyal and passionate team members. We have one shared vision – empower our clients to live their dreams and create their legacy.

For our existing clients, we want to make things simple and have an easy to access Login area. Here they can find quick links to different things like our client portal, Aspiriant Connect, and our planning portal, Aspiriant Planner.

Learn about Aspiriant

We upgraded our company blog fathom. Here is where visitors to the site can access compelling and engaging articles on various topics ranging from investing and wealth management to philanthropy and lifestyle. The content is authored by our very own subject matter experts and team members of the firm. Whether our current or future clients are interested in navigating market volatility, becoming a pilot or curating a cool car collection, there is something for everyone. And if there’s an interest in reading articles by a specific team member, we’ve made it easy to access by including a link to their articles.

Additionally, we’ve added direct access to our Aspiriant podcast, Money Tales. This podcast is the labor of love and passion of two of our executive leaders and partners of the firm, co-hosts Sandi Bragar and Cammie Doder. Money is often a taboo topic, but this podcast breaks down complex, hard-to-talk-about subjects into a relatable and digestible manner. Here is where a variety of experts in their respective fields candidly share their experiences. Some topics include Living in purpose on purpose, The courage to be happy, and Being a Shero, to name a few.

Our team

We want our future clients to know the people and type of firm we are, an approachable team that tries to act as a financial advising extension of their family. With the teams’ photos and bios, you can also learn more about our people through their Q&A and more. We’ve rotated the images so visitors to the site can get a sense of who we are. Still, we’ve also included the traditional categories. Here is where we’ve incorporated everything about our structure as a firm from our leadership, partners, advisors, and investment teams to our board of directors and distinguished alums.

“We are proud of what we’ve built and believe the new site is a phenomenal reflection of all that makes us unique,” said Cammie Doder, Chief Marketing Officer, and partner.

At Aspiriant, we understand managing life’s complexities, particularly in wealth management, can feel overwhelming. When visiting our site, we hope clients feel at home, at ease and a reflection of the firm they work with. For future clients of Aspiriant, we hope they also feel at home and a sense of relief and even excitement to take the next step in their financial journey.

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