Third Quarter 2018 Insight

Like the advances made by scientists to understand natural disasters, Aspiriant has developed a robust early warning system to anticipate market cycles and prepare investors for volatility. Find out why we believe we're approaching a period of lower market returns. more >

Second Quarter 2018 Insight

Resisting the allure of popular assets and maintaining discipline while investing can be challenging. But all too often, instant popularity ends in prolonged desolation. Learn why at times like these, when stock prices become increasingly irrational, investors must remain steadfast and vigilant. more >
First Quarter 2018 Insight

First Quarter 2018 Insight

Our Investment Strategy & Research team continues its comparison of investing to gambling, both of which combine chance with skill. Learn how to recognize when you have “limited outs” and minimize risk-taking in your portfolio before you “draw dead.” more >

Fourth Quarter 2017 Insight

It may seem like investing is akin to gambling. Although luck certainly plays a role when it comes to investing, we believe skill determines long-term performance. Learn how we interpret what the market “tells” us and what it might mean for investing. more >

Third Quarter 2017 Insight

The U.S. stock market continued to fly high in the third quarter. However, similar to 1999, the current market value of the S&P 500 appears to have far outpaced its fair value. As a result, we believe U.S. equities have become less attractive and are priced to generate low returns going forward. more >
ASpiriant's Investment Strategy

First Quarter 2017 Insight

Like coaches, portfolio managers must have a well-conceived game plan. Aspiriant’s game plan is grounded upon one basic investment concept: return on investment. At a time when we don’t see many good investment opportunities, taking a defensive posture appears to be the best overall strategy. more >