Meet David Muchow

Receiving a large financial infusion can be an emotional event. Read how David Muchow helps business owners, inheritors and C-suite executives avoid knee-jerk reactions and stay on course to meeting their goals. more >

Making It On Your Own: Budgeting

The money you’ll make during your lifetime is only half the story. How you manage your money is the key to reaching your personal goals. And it starts with setting a reasonable budget. more >
Linda Fitz

Leaving a Legacy

After a successful career as a wealth manager and guiding light at Aspiriant, Linda will soon retire and spend more time giving back to her community. Read about the steps she took to achieve her retirement and philanthropic goals. more >
ASpiriant's Investment Strategy

First Quarter 2017 Insight

Like coaches, portfolio managers must have a well-conceived game plan. Aspiriant’s game plan is grounded upon one basic investment concept: return on investment. At a time when we don’t see many good investment opportunities, taking a defensive posture appears to be the best overall strategy. more >
Linda Kitchens | Director in Wealth Management at Aspiriant

Meet Linda Kitchens

Sound financial management doesn’t have to be a mystery if you start early. Linda Kitchens shares how she educates young people about money. more >
Incentive Stock Options

When Tech Deals Go Well

Incentive stock options, or ISOs, can make a huge impact on reaching one’s life goals. But success requires careful financial planning until that big liquidity event. Here’s one example. more >
bond certificates

Making Sense of Bonds and Rising Rates

As the Fed plans to push up interest rates, are you wondering if you should sell your bonds for stocks? Learn why rising rates are not necessarily a bad thing for a diversified, long-term investment portfolio. more >
woman walking on garden of a private house

Reverse Mortgage Strategies

A reverse mortgage can be a good way to supplement retirement income. Talia Pierluissi explains reverse mortgages and describes strategies to potentially help retirees reduce the risk of running out of money too soon. more >
Disabled Father play with his little son and daughter

Divorce Disability Insurance

When working through a divorce settlement, it’s important to factor in the possibility of a permanent disability impacting support payments. Special divorce disability insurance may help assure continuity and peace of mind. more >
Michael Glowacki

Meet Michael Glowacki

Michael Glowacki has spent years coaching clients to visualize what they want from life so they can achieve it. As you prepare to set your New Year’s resolutions, read how you, too, can create your vision for success in 2017. more >
Income tax return form

Year-End Income Tax Planning

Republican income tax proposals to reduce rates at the top end and cap itemized deductions make year-end tax planning as important as ever. Ray Edwards details strategies to potentially minimize your tax bill. more >

The End of Estate Taxes?

Even if the new Republican-held White House and Congress repeal the estate tax, the question of how long it will last and other uncertainties still make estate planning a good idea. Clay Stevens explains why. more >
Lorraine Fox

Meet Lorraine Fox

Bringing an acute understanding of the needs of both upstart and successful tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Lorraine Fox shares how she brings her rich experiences together for the benefit of clients. more >
Flower growing in harsh conditions

Finding Inspiration From Value Stocks

While it may feel more comfortable to chase performance, taking a rigorous, systematic approach to your investment portfolio will steer you toward fundamental value and away from speculative excess. more >
Nikki Michelini

Meet Nikki Michelini

Nikki Michelini's success has earned her accolades from Barron’s and Financial Times, which both named her one of the top women in wealth management. more >

Giving vs. Doing: Aspiriant Does Both

Picking corn, stuffing backpacks and cleaning beaches — These are some of the ways Aspiriant’s employees gave with their hands and time across the nation as part of the company’s Day of Giving.     more >

Struck Money? Here’s What To Do Next

While becoming a self-made millionaire is a dream for many, the reality of sudden wealth can actually bring with it a myriad of challenges that some may not know how to deal with. more >

First Quarter Market Perspective
Apr. 2015

With investors seemingly oscillating between optimism and pessimism and greed and fear, the first quarter of 2015 followed suit with the third and fourth quarters of 2014. more >

Preparing for Stormy Seas
Dec. 2014

The last 5 ½ years have been an extraordinary time to be an investor. Rebounding off of lows in early 2009, global equity markets have delivered very strong returns… more >

Capital Market Expectation
Dec. 2014

Aspiriant’s investment team constantly performs research, creates tools and implements processes in an ongoing effort to improve our investment platform. more >

Second Quarter Market Perspective
Aug. 2014

After taking a breather in first quarter, financial markets resumed their torrid pace during the second quarter of 2014 with prices for all financial assets moving broadly higher. more >

Third Quarter Market Perspective
Oct. 2013

Over the last three months, the Eurozone economy edged out of its recession, the Federal Reserve slowed down its plans for tapering its economic support, and US economic growth continued... more >

First Quarter Market Perspective
April 2013

Amid improved expectations for economic growth and employment, global equity markets continued to rally, with U.S. markets outperforming the rest of the world in Q1 of 2013. more >

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Market-based interest rates have floated upward despite continued guidance that policy-based interest rates will remain steady for several years. more >

Fourth Quarter Market Perspective
January 2013

Amid reduced fears of an economic and currency collapse in Europe, European and emerging markets stocks staged a strong comeback in Q4. more >

Third Quarter Market Perspective
October 2012

On renewed hopes for a recovery in the global economy, commodities and global equity markets rebounded strongly in the third quarter. more >