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Goals-Based Investing for Women

A goals-based approach to wealth management considers where you currently are in your financial journey and where you ultimately want to go. Discover the four simple steps to getting there. more >

When to Say “I Do” to a Prenup

A marital agreement is sometimes a thorny topic for an engaged couple. But setting expectations early can be a healthy way of tackling the often-taboo subject of money — laying the groundwork for a happy marriage. more >

6 Groups Impacted by the SECURE Act

The SECURE Act brings a lot of changes to the retirement landscape and beyond. Read about the special provisions to find out who benefits and who may pay additional taxes. more >

Relationship Dynamics When Women Inherit Wealth

When a woman receives a large inheritance, it can have a big impact on her marriage. A doctoral candidate in clinical psychology who studied these relationship dynamics shares her findings and how couples with wealth can navigate challenges. more >

6 Steps to Take Charge of Your Financial Journey

When it comes to building and preserving wealth, women have unique strengths and challenges. Play up your strengths and overcome challenges by following these steps on your financial journey. more >

Wealth Transfer: The Emotional Side of Money

When crafting a wealth transfer plan, it’s important to know there are two sides of money: the intellectual side and the emotional side. Learn how tackling the emotional aspects first leads to a more satisfying plan for you and future generations. more >