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The CARES Act and Small Businesses

In addition to helping individuals, the CARES Act aims to prop up the economy by sustaining small businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. Find out about loan programs and tax provisions in the law. more >

Key CARES Act Provisions for Individuals

To help us through the coronavirus pandemic, the federal CARES Act brings financial relief in the areas of retirement savings, charitable contributions, direct payments, student loans, unemployment insurance and more. more >

Jargon Busting: Demystifying Investing

During turbulent financial markets, it’s helpful to understand the industry lingo. Learn general investment and tax terms to help you be a more confidant investor. more >

You’ve Heard of the Prenup. What About a No-Nup?

When living with your significant other, financial matters are unavoidable. Equity, fairness and protecting your own personal interests are important areas to discuss. Learn how a cohabitation agreement can help set clear expectations. more >

Why a Direct Listing Might Be a Good Idea

Direct listings of companies going public are on the rise. Find out if a direct listing is right for your firm and what it means for your shares. more >

6 Groups Impacted by the SECURE Act

The SECURE Act brings a lot of changes to the retirement landscape and beyond. Read about the special provisions to find out who benefits and who may pay additional taxes. more >

Relationship Dynamics When Women Inherit Wealth

When a woman receives a large inheritance, it can have a big impact on her marriage. A doctoral candidate in clinical psychology who studied these relationship dynamics shares her findings and how couples with wealth can navigate challenges. more >

Wealth Transfer and the Gift Tax Exclusion

The gift tax exclusion can help you pass along your wealth to loved ones tax-free and reduce estate taxes. Learn about the different strategies you can use. more >

Wealth Planning Your Employee Benefits

It’s open enrollment season. Understand the basics of employer-provided health care insurance and retirement savings plans so you can craft a benefit plan that aligns with your personal and financial needs. more >