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A Financial Checklist for Widows

The death of a partner is a tremendously difficult time. And keeping up with financial affairs can be overwhelming. Find out what you need to do right away and what can wait until later. more >

Financial Planning for Baby: 4 Tips

A new baby can be overwhelming with all the things you need to do. But financial matters shouldn’t be cast aside. Here are four tips to help save you money and precious time. more >

10 Year-End Financial Things to Do

As you get ready for a new year, think about what’s changed for you and any new life events you may face in 2022. Then take some of these steps to get your financial house in order. more >

What to Know When Choosing a Student Loan

College is a significant expense for families, and most students need some help paying for it. Understand your financing options and find out what to ask private lenders. more >

4 Ways to Transfer Wealth to Children

Giving a child a head-start in life requires careful financial planning to achieve both your and the child’s future goals. Here are four common strategies to pass down wealth to children in a meaningful way. more >

Estate Planning 101: Back to Basics

Without an estate plan, your assets will be left to a list of your heirs determined by state law, and the courts will decide who cares for your minor children. Find out what documents you need to assure your end-of-life wishes are met. more >

Estate Taxes: Gone Today but Here Tomorrow?

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act doubled the amount a taxpayer can transfer without gift, estate or generation-skipping transfer taxes. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about estate planning. See six considerations to discuss with a wealth manager. more >

Back to School: Financial Literacy 201

If you’d like to take your financial knowledge to the next level and help your kids understand money, then try reading one of these five books recommended by Aspiriant wealth managers. more >

8 Tips to Avoid Household Employee Pitfalls

As a family’s wealth slowly builds, so can their household staff. We talked to a household staff advisor for best practices to avoid costly management headaches and legal complications. more >

Considerations When Valuing Estate Assets

Your collectibles and other valuable assets could have a significant impact on your estate taxes after you pass. Learn how to carefully review and value personal belongings when managing an estate. more >