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8 Tips to Avoid Household Employee Pitfalls

As a family’s wealth slowly builds, so can their household staff. We talked to a household staff advisor for best practices to avoid costly management headaches and legal complications. more >

Considerations When Valuing Estate Assets

Your collectibles and other valuable assets could have a significant impact on your estate taxes after you pass. Learn how to carefully review and value personal belongings when managing an estate. more >

Key Questions to Keeping a Home in the Family

Passing a special home to future generations requires a lot of forethought and planning. Be sure to discuss these questions with your family so it continues to be a happy place for years. more >

Talking About Money: Where Do I Start?

We encourage people to talk about money with their family and friends to feel more comfortable when making financial decisions. Here are a few ways to get the sometimes tricky conversation started. more >

Clean Out Your Money Scripts

Money scripts are unconscious beliefs or values you pick up from family, friends and life experiences that drive your attitudes and behaviors. As part of your spring cleaning, get rid of the scripts that aren’t serving you and reorganize your financial future. more >

What’s New in the American Rescue Plan

In addition to providing larger stimulus checks to many people, the American Rescue Plan gives a big boost to families through Recovery Rebate qualifications and tax credits. It also provides further relief for the unemployed and those with discharged student debt. more >

Get a Fresh Start on Your Finances

Aspiriant wealth managers offer a dozen tips on budgeting, taxes, saving, spending, managing income, protecting your assets and more to help you start the new year off right with your money. more >