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Meet Linda Kitchens

Sound financial management doesn’t have to be a mystery if you start early. Linda Kitchens shares how she educates young people about money. more >

Addiction and Financial Management

Sometimes protecting a family’s assets can go beyond suitable investments and tax-saving strategies. Learn how your wealth manager can also help your family through an addiction. more >

Extend Retirement Income with a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be a good way to supplement retirement income. Talia Pierluissi explains reverse mortgages and describes strategies to potentially help retirees reduce the risk of running out of money too soon. more >

Divorce Disability Insurance

When working through a divorce settlement, it’s important to factor in the possibility of a permanent disability impacting support payments. Special divorce disability insurance may help assure continuity and peace of mind. more >

10 Common Credit Traps of the Wealthy

If you’re wealthy, you don’t need to worry about your credit profile, right? Sandi explains why that’s not true and offers tips on how to maintain a great credit score and use credit to your advantage. more >

How to Form a Winning Financial Strategy

Too many professional athletes find themselves in financial distress or victims of investment scams. It’s a problem anyone could face. Lorraine Fox shares her insights as to how common pitfalls can be avoided. more >

Meet Lorraine Fox

Bringing an acute understanding of the needs of both upstart and successful tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Lorraine Fox shares how she brings her rich experiences together for the benefit of clients. more >

Struck Money? Here’s What To Do Next

While becoming a self-made millionaire is a dream for many, the reality of sudden wealth can actually bring with it a myriad of challenges that some may not know how to deal with. more >