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Aging Wisely: Stay put or move on?

We all need to plan for where we’ll live and who will help take care for us in our later years. But there’s a lot to consider when making decisions. Learn about the pros and cons of different senior housing options. more >

Financial Tips for the Self-Employed

If the next chapter of your life includes serving on boards, consulting or otherwise being self-employed, find out what you need to be thinking of to make your new business venture a success. more >

Wealth Planning Your Employee Benefits

It’s open enrollment season. Understand the basics of employer-provided health care insurance and retirement savings plans so you can craft a benefit plan that aligns with your personal and financial needs. more >

What You Need to Know About Social Security

Social Security is an important benefit program, but creating an appropriate strategy is often challenging. Be aware of the important considerations to sift through to maximize your benefits. more >

To Roth or Not to Roth

By paying taxes on income today, you can have tax-free earnings in retirement with a Roth 401(k). Find out why a Roth 401(k) may be a better savings option for employees with higher income. more >

The 3 Stages of Financial Planning for Elders

For many adult children, caring for their aging parents is a challenging responsibility. The best way to prepare is to start planning with them now, before crisis strikes. It's easier if you break down the process into three phases. more >

A Look at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

If you’re thinking about moving to a retirement community at some point, Continuing Care Retirement Communities are an increasingly popular and unique housing option for senior living. more >