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What’s Causing the Production Bottlenecks?

With a tight labor market, rising wages and supply chain bottlenecks, we see inflationary pressures building. We take a deeper dive into the supply/demand disconnect in this Insight supplement. more >

Fourth Quarter 2021 Insight

Strong household balance sheets, increased disposable income, and cheap credit are amplifying the purchasing power of many Americans as the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease, fueling rising stock markets and home values — and an overall feeling of increased wealth. Learn about the income and wealth effects. more >

In the News: Inflation, Philanthropy, More

Three Aspiriant advisors appeared in the financial news recently. See their thoughts on Federal Reserve actions, concerns about a stock market reversal, and how people manage their investments during a divorce. more >

Second Quarter 2021 Insight

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and Americans start resuming their normal activities, the markets sure are celebrating. Find out which risks to watch out for in a post-COVID world and where your investments should be when the music stops. more >

First Quarter 2021 Insight – Part 2

In Part 1 of our First Quarter 2021 Insight, we touched on the challenging outlook for global growth stocks. In Part 2, we discuss some of the factors contributing to such low expected returns. more >

First Quarter 2021 Insight – Part 1

Asset values, particularly growth stocks, have continued to multiply, and so have the dangers of investing. More than ever, value stocks compute to more durable, less risky returns over the long run. Read about the areas we believe offer attractive opportunities. more >

Goals-Based Investing for Women

A goals-based approach to wealth management considers where you currently are in your financial journey and where you ultimately want to go. Discover the four simple steps to getting there. more >

Market Perspective: Gold

In our latest Market Perspective, Managing Director Marc Castellani details the investment rationale for holding gold in these turbulent times. Learn how gold can make a portfolio more resilient to the widening range of outcomes that may unfold in the years ahead. more >

Value Stocks: Ready to Grow?

As the markets become more detached from economic reality, it appears value stocks may soon have their day in the sun. Find out what catalysts are likely to unlock the value in value stocks in the next couple of years. more >