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What’s Causing the Production Bottlenecks?

With a tight labor market, rising wages and supply chain bottlenecks, we see inflationary pressures building. We take a deeper dive into the supply/demand disconnect in this Insight supplement. more >

Fourth Quarter 2021 Insight

Strong household balance sheets, increased disposable income, and cheap credit are amplifying the purchasing power of many Americans as the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease, fueling rising stock markets and home values — and an overall feeling of increased wealth. more >

Second Quarter 2021 Insight

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and Americans start resuming their normal activities, the markets sure are celebrating. Find out which risks to watch out for in a post-COVID world and where your investments should be when the music stops. more >

First Quarter 2020 Insight-Part 2

The economic hole brought by the COVID-19 pandemic is tens of trillions of dollars wide. In Part II, we examine several potential solutions to bridge that gap and who may shoulder the burden. more >

Third Quarter 2019 Insight

Like the ocean's rip currents, the financial markets have a similar force of nature. Learn how globalization, along with monetary and fiscal policies, have acted as undercurrents, causing Big Tech companies to dominate the market, and why that could leave investors vulnerable. more >

Second Quarter 2019 Insight–Part III

As we near the limits of monetary and fiscal policy, learn why the galvanizing political divides among voters make remedying a potential economic downturn through congressional action even more challenging. more >

Second Quarter 2019 Insight–Part II

The Fed is running out of room to lower interest rates, and the U.S. Treasury may be maxing out the country’s national debt capacity. Understand how the markets react as we approach the limits of monetary and fiscal policy in Part II of our quarterly Insight. more >

Second Quarter 2019 Insight-Part I

Our economic foundation requires the right mix of financial liquidity and debt capacity to build a sturdy capital base and strong financial markets. In Part 1 of our three-part Second Quarter Insight, we expand on the mounting challenges facing the U.S. economy and markets. more >

First Quarter 2019 Insight

When it comes to stitching the seam between the financial markets and the real economy, our federal government appears to be running out of thread. Read how government fiscal and monetary policies impact asset valuations and economic growth. more >