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The Amazing Power of Comic Book Collections

Collecting comic books is fun. But if you’re looking at them as an investment, learn what you need to do to take care of them — and how long you might have to wait — to get the best value. more >

3 Keys to Curating a Cool Car Collection

Owning a car collection is fun and may be an investment, but it’s also an expense and an asset that should be carefully considered as part of any wealth plan. Find out how an Aspiriant client does it. more >

Considerations When Valuing Estate Assets

Your collectibles and other valuable assets could have a significant impact on your estate taxes after you pass. Learn how to carefully review and value personal belongings when managing an estate. more >

Appraising Dad’s Coin Collection

When sorting through a loved one’s estate after they die, be sure to factor in the full value of what they left behind — including sentimental value. One of our wealth managers shares a story about appraising his late father’s coin collection. more >

A Guide to Making a Brilliant Jewelry Purchase

Jewelry is often given for special occasions and holidays, like Valentine’s Day. How do you make sure your money is well spent when buying luxury bling? Read some expert tips. more >