Linda Kitchens, Director in Wealth Management, Partner

Linda Kitchens Is Breaking Barriers

For being a pioneer for women in wealth management and her community, Linda Kitchens, a partner and director in Wealth Management in our San Diego office, has been recognized for a couple of prestigious business awards.

Most recently, the San Diego Business Journal named her a finalist for its Business Women of the Year award. This award honors dynamic female leaders who are “guiding companies, the community and the next generation.”

Earlier this year, she was a finalist for the Women Breaking Barriers award, presented by Connected Women of Influence, an invitation-only organization for women business owners, executives and professionals. The “Women Breaking Barriers” category recognizes someone who has used her position, stature, expertise and influence to effect positive change in her profession, industry or enterprise.

Linda co-founded Hokanson Associates in 1987, a time when there were very few female wealth advisors or financial planners. She recognized a need to combine comprehensive financial planning advice with independent investment portfolio management in a client-centered, conflict-free business model. Yet few firms, and very few women, were providing this service.

Although it was a bit of an uphill battle to create change, Linda was convinced that this was the best way to serve clients and had a clear vision of the firm she wanted to create. She worked with co-founder Neil Hokanson to share their vision and build trust among clients, growing a flourishing wealth management practice that eventually merged with Aspiriant in 2016. Neil retired from Aspiriant in December 2018.

As a community leader, Linda leaves a lasting impact on organizations and their constituents. Linda is a founding member of Hand to Hand, a charitable trust fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of San Diego, focused on empowering local women and girls. She has also served in various roles on the board of the Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club, which allows her to travel abroad and develop relationships around the globe to help strengthen local communities.

Linda lives her life by following two enduring tenants. The first, she says, is work ethic, “If you’re going to do something, do it; put your all into it.” The other is balance in life. “It’s so important with the crazy busy lives we lead,” she says. “Balance re-energizes us and makes us better at the things we love to do.”

Get to know Linda better and how she influences young people to be good stewards of their money by reading her profile on fathom.

Note: This article, originally published March 26, 2019, was updated to include the SDBJ Business Women of the Year award.