Family Office
Welcome a team of expert
implementers into the family.


For our family office clients, we perform bona fide magic. We become your chief financial optimizers, plugging you into the world of access and ease your wealth opens up. Suddenly, tasks that seemed complex or overwhelming become simple and streamlined.

Buying a home? We take care of everything, including mortgage and insurance. Remodeling one? We run the project, managing expense to budget and
variance, insurance, cash flow.

Prepping your kids for college and beyond? We train them to manage a portion of an investment portfolio, select health insurance, maintain a check book.

Reeling from the constant flood of tax legislation coming out of Washington and your state capitol? We turn confusion into clarity, maximizing your upside while side-stepping the tax and estate planning pitfalls.

Focused on philanthropic planning? We help you align your giving with your values, choose between a simple structure or private foundation and execute on your strategic plan, so you’re inspired by the legacy you’re creating.

Confused by the various trusts and entities established over the years? We strip away the legal lingo and arrive at the objective of each structure. When the time is right, we bring your children into the discussion so they can understand it all when you’re gone.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Where most firms are geared toward one discipline, our team includes 35 experts in tax, estate, retirement, investments, philanthropy, real estate, budgeting, and bill pay. Most of them have been doing this work for decades. So no matter what you need, chances are very high we’ve done it before.

Many firms offer some version of family office, but Aspiriant defines the new standard. You’ll love how it feels to have us in the family.