With Stocks Up and Rates Down, Investors Need More Than Stocks and Bonds featuring John Petrie

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Stock valuations are high, interest rates on bonds are low, and oil prices have been cut in half in the last year, notes Milwaukee investment manager John Petrie. In an environment like that, investors should diversify beyond stocks and bonds, said Petrie, director of investment advisory and a principal in the Milwaukee office of Aspiriant LLC. "So for investors who have not already done so, now may be a good time to look into real assets," Petrie said. His firm focuses on three types of real assets: real estate investment trusts, or REITs; master limited partnerships, or MLPs; and commodities. Their main appeal is that they have low correlations to stocks and bonds, Petrie said. That means that when stock prices are declining, for example, real asset prices might not decline as much — or might even rise.