15 transformational advisers: Tim Kochis

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Tim Kochis, 67, founder of Kochis Global and principal of Aspiriant LLC, is a financial planning pioneer and industry entrepreneur. The firm he founded, Kochis Fitz, later merged to become part of the $7 billion-in-assets Aspiriant LLC, one of the top 10 RIA firms in the U.S. today. Mr. Kochis also played a lead role in developing the planning profession in the U.S., and was probably more responsible than anyone for shepherding the planning profession overseas. In 2004, he helped financially back the fledgling Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., the international administrator of the CFP mark. And since “retiring” a year ago from Aspiriant, Mr. Kochis formed consulting firm Kochis Global to facilitate the development of fee-based planning in emerging markets.