Investment Managers

Thank you for your interest in helping us serve our clients. We manage over $8 billion for some of the world’s most sophisticated and discerning investors. We have a disciplined investment philosophy and long experience in public and alternative investments.

We recognize that higher investment returns are generally available at the cost of higher risk – we don’t need active management for that. Only if managers can provide (after-fee) returns at lower risk is it worthwhile to hire them – this is why we call it “adding value” rather than “outperforming.” We think true investment skill is uncommon, and our investment research is focused on trying to find clear reasons why an active investment strategy (traditional, hedge fund, private equity) is likely to realize risk-adjusted returns which are high enough to outweigh the sky-high fees, liquidity restrictions (lock-ups, etc) and lack of transparency (which can mask the true riskiness of an investment).

    Successful managers will have certain key characteristics:

  • World class investment team with demonstrated expertise
  • Returns which are impressive even when adjusted for risk factor exposure and leverage
  • Competitive fees and tax sensitivity

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